Journal with weekly plan and drawing - a pumpkin ad a girl with face obscured by leaf
journal with drawings of mountains in a circle, equipment around it on desk
photo by marina-kazmirova

Combining a diary, planner, a journal, a sketch book, scrap book, self development exercises and mindfulness: this method of journalling aims to tap into the left and right side of the brain, honouring the person as a whole. The approach can be changed depending on what is needed at the time. 

The big idea is that everything is in one place – no more multiples books and searching for bits of paper. 

Q: Who is it intended for?

A: People who/whom:

  • normal planners don’t work for
  • need a “mental break”
  • don’t feel fulfilled
  • need a creative outlet
  • need tone more productive  / organised
  • want transformation / goal setting
  • want to create something beautiful to look back on

Using the journal to work though areas such as :

  • creative exercises / art projects
  • self awareness exercises
  • goal setting
  • transformation exercises
  • limiting belief / self confidence exercises 
  • self care routines
  • values and ethics
  • planning and organisation
  • and so much more 
This is a main tool that I use to keep myself centred and in control. When I feel out of balance I can work in my journal and practice qigong to bring things back into control. 
Journal with monthly spread
Photo by Estee Janssens
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