Heritage Landscape Art

Taking time to study and draw the landscapes and architecture around me gives me an appreciation of the wonderful world in which we live.

I love to combine the history of a place, the people and animals that call it home with the landscape. This view on the world and our impact on the landscape has led to my ‘eye-scapes” and ‘hand-scapes”.

I would welcome discussing landscapes and/or events which are important to you, and would lend themselves to this style.

One of the most rewarding experiences, as an artist, is to work with clients to create a beautiful custom drawing or painting. By working together we can create something truly meaningful to you and is unique, pulling together architecture, portrait and symbolism as appropriate to you.

To start the process we will have a conversation about what you are interested in and assess if we are a good match for the collaboration.

Moving forward, we will decide on a size and medium. I have a preference for the dramatic effect of pencil and ink, however I embrace the full chromatic spectrum and vibrancy of paint and other mediums as appropriate, and if you like a bit of sparkle too… we can go there ;). I consider myself a multimedia artist and use what the piece requires, to create the perfect blend.

I require a deposit of 30% to hold your place in my work queue. We will begin by looking at images that you can supply or point me in the right direction of. Sometimes I will need to drive to a location to get the right photos to work from.

I will then come up with a loose pencil thumbnail sketch or two so you are clear about the composition. I am happy to send photos of the work in progress if you like.

When you approve the final piece, then the remainder is due with shipping charges and the artwork will be on its way to you.

Find out how the commission process works See Pricing Information

Discuss a commission with me

Reviews of my Previous Commissions

Her ink and pencil Heritage Landscapes of her home county of Durham, documenting local history, people and landmarks , are mesmerising in their composition and hidden details. I can gaze into her Her Sense of Place - Ushaw Rabbit picture for hours!

Alison P-F.

There is something about the depth of feel in each piece that I cannot describe, each a little different, but I know they have brought a little bit of magic to our home.

Debbie W.

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