I believe that there are not many gifts that are more memorable than art.

Buying art for someone is a personal gift that shows that you have a personal connection to them. It is a gift that shows that you care about their tastes, their interests, their likes & dislikes.

When looking to purchase the perfect piece of art for someone, think about their home & office, how it’s decorated or clues relating to their personal style, what do they do in their free time & what are they passionate about.

Unless you are sure that a large statement piece would be the “just the ticket”, perhaps a small piece would be best, that lets them be flexible with placement. If you want to go that extra mile, a piece of commissioned artwork will add that magic.

Original artwork is a special & potentially valuable gift for someone. It is enduring as art is timeless & it supports independant artists.

If you want to gift art but are unsure which piece is ideal then why not consider a gift certificate, which you can purchase in the shop.

Gift Ideas

I am sure that you would have lots of ideas relating to gifts of art. But here are my thoughts:

Birthdays / Christmas

– Portrait of the recipient maybe with their pet or doing a hobby?
– Eye-scape / Hand-scape or Landscape personal to them
– Mug / T-Shirt / Bag etc
– Greeting Card
– Christmas cards commissioned
– Gift Certificate

Anniversaries / Weddings

– An obvious one, a portrait of the happy couple
– Eye-scape / Hand-scape or Landscape personal to them
– Gift Certificate

Births / Christenings / Naming / Adoption

– A family portrait
– Hand-scape (using the parents’ hands) of where the baby was born / lived first / ceremony took place
– Gift Certificate


– Portrait of them
– Eye-scape with their eye and their portrait and landmarks of where they worked
– Gift Certificate

Graduation / Leaving School

– Portrait of them in gown etc
– Eye-scape with their eye and their portrait and landmarks of where they attended
– Gift Certificate



Portrait of young girl with ribbon in her hair and wearing smock dress

Old Photographs

I am happy to take a look at old photographs that you would like…

New Job / Promotion



We, as a family, have always bought art from inheritances so that we can remember the person when we look at the piece.

Sporting Achievement