About Roz

Things people have said about Roz:

“You are cherry blossom. You’d be the sort that gets in people’s picnics and get stuck in their hair, not a lotus, not as grounded; more floaty and make people fall in love as they remove you from their hair.”

“You have the skies in your eyes”

Ewock and lady laughing

From being a small child, the transformational ability of art has been magical to me. My first loves were animals, tea, martial arts & drawing. Being an artist allows me to combine these passions.

“Roz’s talents are remarkable and she achieves wonderful results in a variety of media and subjects…”

A great portrait can show glimpses of your personality, your soul, as well as your outside. Everyone living thing is magical, beautiful & unique.

“Her portraiture, whilst true to life is also FULL of life, capturing the spirit and personality of her human and animal subjects.”

“Sawubona” – I see you. All my attention is with you. I allow myself to see your fears, for needs, what you are. You are part of me.

“Her creativity shines through her imaginative approach to communicating the uniqueness of each individual.”

Visual art is like a poem without words, it is a conduit to see things differently & evoke emotions, ourselves & others.

Art is essential for wellbeing, self development & transformation.

Beginning martial arts at 12, I am now classed as a “Master” & as such I strive to keep a learner’s mind, I keep practicing, mind & body. I apply this to my art, to make me a disciplined professional, who delivers for you.

My practice changes as I grow older of course & that is its strength. Martial arts; the discipline & the philosophy have made me a better person & allowed me to be a better artist. You can expect from me:

  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Perseverance
  • Courtesy
  • Self Control
  • Integrity
My Biography
Line drawing sketch of Roz Gadd done in black pencil.
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