“Deeds not words.”

“Deeds not words.”

This week was the anniversary of the birthday of Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the Suffragette movement. Today women have the vote thanks to the brave women before us. 

The world has changed, but we still need to stand together and support each other, when it is needed. 

Now,  it’s less a matter of gender, perhaps, so much as being supportive of any group who are having their human rights violated. 

We need to support the planet, animals and one another as fellow human beings – sometimes in huge ways, sometimes much smaller ways when we feel vulnerable or life feels too hard. 

Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy may seem like a strange poster girl and I’m certainly not making light of the issues. The Trolls movie is a kids film. But when I watched it first time, it was a breath of fresh air. The whole cinema burst into applause at the end. Because it’s filled with joy and with lessons that are important to remember,  in an energy packed, full colour extravaganza of glitter and love. There are lessons in self esteem, overcoming fears, being yourself,  loving difference, overcoming bullies and following your dreams. 

Princess Poppy is unashamedly a pink, fluffy scrap booker who loves to hug, and sing and dance. She is also a brave,  daring and empathetic leader. The song “Get back up again”,  sung really loud is often just the boost I need, a real power up and motivational boost. 

I have dreams that I want to make come true, as you all do. I feel down and beaten sometimes too. But then something inside me thinks “no, there must be a way“… I literally tie my hair up and roll my metaphorical sleeves up … and get ready by dancing and singing with those Trolls … and sometimes I need a hand. I need support. Just someone to turn on the music and dance with me until I can feel the beat again (I’m back in metaphor here 😉)

So if you need someone to support you, give a shout – hear the answering roar…. “Hair Up!” 

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