Salt Circles Gadd Style

Salt has long been used to protect and for purification and cleansing.

But what do you do to protect and cleanse your home without a wholesale container of seasoning? What about those who don’t fancy running it all the way around their houses, windowsills and doorways? What about animal lovers?

Well as a person with three fluffy reasons not to have salt on the floor, I have found an alternative which is also appropriate for neat freaks and snail folk.

This beautiful little bag is filled with protection, salt, star anise, oregano, parsley, lavender and love. I also added a little verse that means a lot to us, Desiderata, for helping guide our household spiritually.

We hang the bag near our front door to watch over us as we enjoy our home and ‘rest’ place.

Feeling safe is such an important part of a home. I remember not all that long ago, when we were burgled, feeling as though the home had been taken from the house. Suddenly it felt as welcoming as a doctor’s waiting room. It often takes years to really become comfortable in a place, and it can be taken away from you, but there are things you can do to ‘mark it’ as your own. A little like a dog with a garden. It’s your territory, and little things like this salt bag have made it feel more like a home for me.

With love and well wishes from my household to yours.

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