Journalling for Wellbeing

Through my corporate life,  I tried SO many planners / organisers / executive systems. I tried all manner of Apps and other digital solutions. Nothing really was just right for me. I always felt the way I was organising my life was me trying to “fit” to the image of organised executive and learn to adapt to the planner to “make it work”. I was really changing me to fit my planner and so it never felt good. I was partitioning myself up into “work me” / “home me”/ ” creative me ” and so on. I felt fragmented and unsatisfied. 

When my daughter and husband became ill, I suddenly had to be responsible for a huge amount of medial information, appointments, medicines and everyday life plus work!  Logistics were my life and I needed a way to keep a handle on it all.  This lead to looking up ideas on Pinterest and that lead to the wonderful world of Bullet Journalling.  

I have kept a bullet journal for 5 years now and I works for me on many levels, but I still wanted more.

During one of my daughter’s stays in hospital, it was suggested to me that I should by doing something for myself to relax and “have a break”. So I went and bought some art stuff and started to draw again. Enter – the art journal. Great! but No organisation. So I combined them. Bingo! 

Next though, was the idea of including mindfulness into my journal and using my coaching skills to keep mentally well and grounded. So, I started to keep a journal that is a combination of it all and it works for me, because it is what ever I need, when I need it. 

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