Rather than tie you up with sittings, I work from a series of high resolution photographs which can be sent by email, which is convenient and gets the best results when looking at animal portraits too. 

The key to a good portrait is communication with the client, and so we will discuss, for however long is necessary to help you get the best photographs possible for the commission, including selecting the angle for the portrait, etc.

Please have a good read of the guide that have put together here to help you through the process so don’t worry if this is a new experience for you.

Discuss your portrait with me

Reviews of my previous portrait commissions

There is something about the depth of feel in each piece that I cannot describe, each a little different, but I know they have brought a little bit of magic to our home.
Head shot of a dog
Debbie W.
Her ink and pencil Heritage Landscapes of her home county of Durham , documenting local history, people and landmarks , are mesmerising in their composition and hidden details .I can gaze into her Her Sense of Place - Ushaw Rabbit picture for hours!
Portrait photo of a woman with her head down
Alison P-F.
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