When my daughter was younger, she become very ill. She was mostly stuck in the house and she struggled with returning home after a rare trip out, knowing that she’d likely be stuck there for quite a while. We needed to make going home special, so we changed the front door to have a little dragon and a magic rune on it… that was the start. We wanted home to make her smile.

As part of my coaching training and then again later, as part of my mindfulness training, I became aware of the power of affirmations. The great Thich Nhat Hanh, suggests a  notice for returning home: ” I have arrived. I am home.”

When my husband was undergoing treatment for cancer, I posted affirmations all over the house to remind him and the rest of us to be grateful and compassionate, as we faced these struggles together. More recently I became aware of door hangers – they are so popular in the southern USA and I released that I had been doing this in different ways for years, and my enthusiasm was boosted! 

Door hangers are suitable for all year  – celebrating life and making our return home a happy thing. They can also be used as decorations for the more usual times we decorate homes such as Christmas, Halloween, birthdays. They look good inside and outside the home, at the front of the house and brightening up yards and decks too.

You can of course purchase a ready made door hanger from myself  or other sources, but there is something wonderful about painting your own and having it admired by your friends and family. Creativity is so good for wellbeing …….

Part of the tradition of painting door hangers is the social element, the connection with others. I will ……, make an event of it and paint one with ……

How it works:

Private Party

Bring your favourite people together for a great event. I will come to your venue and

  • Set a date for your party and confirm with me  – usually at least 4 weeks ahead
  • Send out invitations and collect the payment to pay for the group (min 10 people or can be less for a small increase in cost)
  • Choose the design that you will all paint –  you might want to theme the party
  • A week before – decide on your menu and drinks/  other decorations / music play list
  • Before the party, arrange the space so the each guest will have room for their equipment and to paint there door hanger
  • Drop cloths are s good idea incase of drips
  • Lighting needs to be adequate so that your guests can see what they are doing and the colours that they are mixing
  •  Your guests will get approximately 2 hours of instruction with a small break 
  •  I will need time before hand to set up and afterwards to pack away 
Host a Public Event

A public event, as you would expect,  will be open to members of the public through purchasing tickets, so it has a different feeling to the event.

  • Find a suitable venue and confirm date with myself and the venue at least 4 weeks ahead
  • Confirm maximum numbers the venue can hold easily with tables space for equipment for each person
  • Advertise your event though flyers (I can send you flyers to print off) and social media etc
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