These workshops are for individuals or teams. Half day and full day workshops available. 

Everyone can draw, as long as they have a functioning visual cortex. They don’t have to be “an artist”. Humans are physiologically primed for visual intelligence and we are genetically primed to use visual language but instead, often rely solely on symbols that we have to learn i.e. letters and numbers.

Doodling is good for you because it can:

  • help you to be more creative and generate ideas through using the `’extended mind`’
  • relieve stress and anxiety – spree contributes to so many illness
  • help you deal with difficulties situations
  • increase recollection and memory
  • be an effective study aid
  • increase concentration
  • increase comprehension
  • develop fine motor skills
  • develop hand eye co-ordination
  • increase self-esteem
  • lead to feelings of achievement
  • aid relaxation
  • be used as an anger management tool
  • relief psychological distress
  • requires no artistic talent
  • requires no expensive art supplies
  • boost out personal performance
  • be lots of fun!

A staggering number of scientific, mathematical and business discoveries have been made due to doodling – you can see them in the notebooks of our most distinguished thinkers throughout the ages. As a child I was always fascinated by Leonardo Da Vinci and his notebooks with their mirror writing, detailed sketches and fantastical inventions. His curiosity for the magical world we live in set my imagination on fire. 

Just as it can boost our personal performance, doodling and using visual language can boost team performance and communication!

In this workshop we will:

  • explain how doodling helps and its uses
  • demonstrate simple to complex doodles
  • show and use a range of basic equipment
  • introduce the visual alphabet and not taking
  • have fun!
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